Honey Pool FAQ & Troubleshooting


I can't find the Honey Pool I was staking in!

You should be able to find the Honey Pool under the “Finished” tab on the Honey Pools page.

By selecting “Staked Only”, it will make it easier to find your assets.

Why can’t I unstake my tokens from a Honey Pool?

If you are unable to unstake from the Stake Anpan, Earn ANPAN pools, please check to make sure that you haven’t sold the HONEY tokens in your wallet. This token acts as a `proof of ownership` over your ANPAN in the Manual ANPAN pool.

Why did my earned tokens go to zero after staking/unstaking?

Don’t worry! They’re in your wallet already.

Whenever you stake or unstake from a Honey Pool or farm, your earned tokens get harvested and sent to your wallet at the same time.

General Questions

How is APR for Honey Pools calculated?

Honey Pool APR = Annualized rewards (USD) / User funds staked in Honey Pool (USD) * 100

As a basic example, let's take a 60-day pool with 300,000 USD worth of rewards, and 3,000,000 USD worth of ANPAN staked in it.

The APR fluctuates as more ANPAN is staked by users, and as the price of ANPAN, and the reward token, vary.

Calculation Amount
Total rewards to distribute (USD value) 300,000 USD
Distribution period 60 days
Daily distribution 300,000 / 60 = 5,000 USD daily
Annualised rewards (USD value) 5,000 * 365 = 1,825,000 USD
Value of ANPAN staked by users in pool (USD value) 3,000,000 USD
APR (1,825,000 / 3,000,000) * 100 =

60.833% APR

What does the “End” number on my Honey Pool refer to?

This shows the amount of blocks left until the rewards for that pool stop being distributed. Once the pool has reached that block, you should unstake your tokens, because you won’t be receiving any rewards after that.

Where do the rewards from Honey Pools come from?

There are three main types of Honey Pools.

  1. Stake ANPAN, earn ANPAN
  2. Stake ANPAN, earn other tokens.
  3. Stake other tokens, earn ANPAN

The rewards for the "Stake ANPAN, earn ANPAN" Honey Pools come from the ANPAN emissions. Each block, a number of ANPAN tokens are allocated as rewards for these pools.

The rewards for the "Stake ANPAN, earn other tokens" type are provided by the project teams who sponsor a Honey Pool.

For the "Stake other tokens, earn ANPAN" type, the AnpanSwap treasury buys back ANPAN from the market to distribute as rewards. These pools are funded by AnpanSwap, not by the projects themselves.

What’s HONEY Token?

AnpanSwap’s HONEY Token is deposited in your wallet when you interact with the Manual ANPAN Pool “Stake ANPAN, Earn ANPAN”. It's not staked for

It’s basically an IOU that shows how much ANPAN you’ve staked in the pool.

It’ll be returned automatically when you unstake your ANPAN from that pool.

Warning: Don’t sell your HONEY tokens! You need to return your HONEY to unstake your ANPAN from the Manual ANPAN pool. The amount of HONEY you return must be the same as the amount of ANPAN you unstake.

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